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PCR 一次性产品

BRAND这些年来已经极大地拓展超薄壁耗材来满足PCR实验的特殊要求,尤其是96孔PCR 板。单管,8-及12-联管,对于更高通量的 24 孔,48孔,96孔乃至 384 孔板都可以在我们的产品线中找到。因此,总有一款产品适合您的要求。 超薄壁设计保证持续、快速、精确地传热。光滑的内壁防止酶或核酸与管壁的粘附。每个孔加高的孔缘设计能防止交叉污染,配合特制的封板垫同时使用,具有可靠的密封效果。 特点 兼容绝大多数常用 PCR 仪。 PP材质,超薄壁,具有更好的热传递效率,更短的循环时间。 96孔PCR板,带有蓝色字母数字标识和切角标记。 高透明度的平盖,与qPCR绝佳匹配 无DNA,DNase或RNase 可 121 °C 高压灭菌, 参照 DIN EN 285 标准. 实时荧光定量PCR实时荧光定量PCR (qPCR) 的应用正不断地扩展。尤其是可利用荧光检测获得核酸的初始量。BRAND生产的白色PCR产品相比透明的PCR管具有更好的效果。 这条产品线上的PCR产品由TiO2(二氧化钛)均一着色,结合光滑的表面,能够优化荧光信号的反射。


0.2 ml 及 0.5 ml PCR管带盖与主流 PCR 仪的热盖相匹配。容易开盖与关盖,无需借助工具,且关闭时闭合紧密减少样品蒸发。有多种颜色的 PCR 管可供选择,易于进行样品分类管理。 八联PCR管无盖8er Strips mit separaten DeckelstreifenPP材质。八联管。突盖或平盖都有八联盖可以分别订购。容易开盖或关盖,无需借助其他工具。管子一端带有手持条带,同时联盖的每个盖子边缘的都有小的唇形设计,便于开闭盖与防止污染。连联盖PP材质,八联管,0.2 ml,连联盖条。突盖便于单手操作。.连独立平盖 PP材质。八联管,0.2 ml 或 0.15 ml,连独立平盖有效防止污染。管盖的高透明度使其成为实时荧光real-time PCR的理想之选。有标准型或低容型可供选择。 十二联PCR管无盖 PP材质。0.2 ml 十二联管。十二联盖可以分别订购。确保妥善的密封效果。


24孔,48孔,96孔乃至 384 孔板都可以在我们的产品线中找到。 超薄壁设计保证持续、快速、精确地传热。光滑的内壁防止酶或核酸与管壁的粘附。每个孔加高的孔缘设计能防止交叉污染,配合特制的封板垫同时使用,具有可靠的密封效果。 实时荧光定量PCR (qPCR) 的应用正不断地扩展。尤其是可利用荧光检测获得核酸的初始量。BRAND生产的白色PCR产品相比透明的PCR管具有更好的效果。这条产品线上的PCR产品由TiO2(二氧化钛)均一着色,结合光滑的表面,能够优化荧光信号的反射。 PCR仪的兼容性表请点击 这里. 24孔及48孔PCR板 24- and 48-well PCR plates这种PCR板能有效减少材料损耗,即使通量较小也可以使用紧凑的PCR板进行反应。PP材质。0.2 ml孔容量。适用于大部分主流PCR仪。96孔PCR板 BRAND这些年来已经极大地拓展超薄壁耗材来满足PCR实验的特殊要求,尤其是96孔PCR 板。BRAND生产的新型96孔PCR板带有蓝色字母数字标识和切角标记,以方便定位。384孔PCR板: PP材质。40 μl 的微孔可容纳 2 μl至 30 μl 的样品。这有助于减少试剂用量与循环时间。适用于机械多通道移液器或者机器人工作站操作。 384孔, 全裙边PP材质 (无色透明). 384孔, 全裙边, 适用于Roche® LightCycler® 480 与其他PCR仪 PP材质 (白色). 适用于Roche® LightCycler® 480 与其他PCR仪.

常见问题 (PCR耗材)

Is the PCR mini cooler autoclavable?

No, it is not autoclavable.

Are PCR sealing mats autoclavable?

Sealing mats can be autoclaved at +121°C (2 bar, acc. to DIN EN 285). However the silicone sealing mat (Cat. No. 781408) can only be autoclaved ~ 5 x because of material shrinkage.

Why does BRAND offer plates with and without skirt? What are the criteria to choose a special plate?

The choice depends on the thermal cycler or the roboter system used. Especially roboter systems need the skirt to hold the plates correctly. BRAND offers a compatibility chart for BRAND PCR plates and compatible thermal cyclers. The compatibility between plate and cycler is especially limited by the position of the cut away corners of the plate. BRAND is continuously updating this chart with information from manufacturers and feedback from customers. Do not hesitate to ask for free samples of BRAND PCR plates to check the compatibility with your thermal cycler! A short feedback from you will help to complete the table!

How can PCR tubes and plates be sealed?

BRAND offers PCR tubes and strips with domed and flat caps. Plates can be sealed with self-adhesive sealing films and sealing mats made of TPE or silicone.

Are BRAND PCR disposables autoclavable?

Although PCR disposables are made of PP (which in general is autoclavable at 121°C (2 bar, acc. to DIN EN 285) we do not recomment to autoclave these tubes. Mainly, because PCR products have very thin walls and secondly because the autoclave could be a source for contamination.

What are special characteristics of BRAND PCR mats?

BRAND PCR sealing mats have been designed to fit BRAND PCR plates. They can reduce evaporation losses up to 75% compared to conventional systems. They are charcterized by their high flexibility, tight sealing, autoclavability and are easily pierced by pipette tips.

Can domed caps be used for quantitative RealTime PCR?

No. You need a flat highly transparent cap to detect the fluorescence signals produced during a quantitative Real Time PCR . BRAND PCR products which can be used in Real Time PCR applications show the term q!PCR in the sales documents.

What are the advantages of white PCR products?

The new line of white PCR products by BRAND offers significantly better results in this application than transparent 8-tube strips or plates. The different products in this line are uniformly colored with TiO2 (titanium dioxide), so that in combination with the smooth surfaces, a more effective reflection of the fluorescence signal can be achieved.

What does the term "q!PCR" in the sales documents mean?

Products marked with the "q!PCR" symbol can be used in quantitative Real-Time PCR applications. They are highly transparent and/or white for easy reflection and detection of the fluorescence signals.