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  1. 移液器吸头, 0.1-20 µl, PP
    移液器吸头, 0.1-20 µl, PP

    从… RMB884.00

  2. 移液器吸头, 0.5-20 µl, PP
    移液器吸头, 0.5-20 µl, PP

    从… RMB719.00

  3. 移液器吸头, 1-50 µl, PP
    移液器吸头, 1-50 µl, PP

    从… RMB515.00

  4. 移液器吸头, 2-200 µl, PP
    移液器吸头, 2-200 µl, PP

    从… RMB236.00

  5. 移液器吸头, 5-300 µl, PP
    移液器吸头, 5-300 µl, PP

    从… RMB334.00

  6. 移液器吸头, 50-1000 µl, PP
    移液器吸头, 50-1000 µl, PP

    从… RMB264.00

  7. 移液器吸头, 500-5000 µl , PP
    移液器吸头, 500-5000 µl , PP

    从… RMB410.00

  8. 移液器吸头, 1 - 10 ml, PP
    移液器吸头, 1 - 10 ml, PP

    从… RMB727.00

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标准或超低吸附BRAND 移液器吸头和滤芯吸头

移液器吸头和滤芯吸头由 BRAND 在具有最现代化生产条件的洁净室中制造,并自动进行架装和包装,以确保吸头始终保持高质量。


BRAND 用于生命科学的一次性用品是在世界上最大的实验室一次性用品洁净室之一采用最先进洁净室技术生产的。正在进行的洁净室监测包括连续测量空气微粒、正气压、空气交换率、室温和相对湿度等。这确保了可以立即根据标称值检查实际参数。立即检测到偏差,并且可以在超过极限值之前采取适当的对策。高精度控制环境条件可提供具有非常高稳定性的相应参数(尤其是室温)。这种一致性,加上按批次对最终产品进行质量测试,确保了 BRAND 生命科学产品始终如一的高品质。对于一次性物品的生产,可提供 8 级、7 级和 5 级洁净室,所有洁净室均根据 ISO 14 644-1 进行了验证。ISO 14 644-1 的合规性由外部独立审核师进行认证。


移液器吸头和滤芯吸头是实验室最常用的一次性耗材。随着加工方法变得越来越敏感,对这些一次性用品的要求多年来发生了显着变化。从原材料(此处为 PP)到所使用的工具以及所执行的质量测试,需要考虑许多参数以满足研究和标准化应用中的最高标准。 生产移液器吸头和滤芯吸头时,BRAND 专门使用不含添加剂二(2-羟乙基)甲基十二烷基铵 (DiHEMDA) 和 9-十八碳烯酰胺(油酸酰胺)的原料。这两种添加剂经常在 PP 颗粒中发现,并且可能干扰生物测试,导致不可靠的结果。仅使用高度抛光的工装 设备,因此不需要脱模剂或脱模助剂。

常见问题 (吸头)

What is the meaning of the red dot on the package of sterile products?

The dot is an indicator for sterilization. The indicator changes its color from yellow/orange to red during the sterilization process. A red dot indicates that this package has been sterilized.

Do BRAND filter/ pipette tips fit to pipettes of other manufacturers?

The compatibility with the following pipettes has been tested: Up to 1000µl the pipette tips fit to most pipettes from GILSON®, BIOHIT®/sartorius®, Thermo Scientific and Eppendorf®. 5ml tip tips from BRAND and Thermo Scientific fit to each other's instruments, as well as the 10ml tips of Eppendorf®, GILSON® and BRAND fit to each other's instruments. For pipettes from other manufacturers we recommend to request samples of the appropriate pipette and filter tip to test the compatibility.

Do pipette tips of other manufacturers also fit into the Tip-Box for 5ml/10ml tips?

No, only 5ml/10ml tips from BRAND fit into this Tip-Box.

What is the difference between an endotoxin and a pyrogen?

A pyrogen is a substance that induces fever (derived from gr. word: 'pyros'- Fire). It can be internal (endogenous) or external (exogenous) to the body. Endotoxins are an example for exogenous pyrogens. Endotoxins are lipopolysaccharides present in the cell wall of some bacteria. They are heat-resistent and even survive sterilization processes.

Which cleanroom quality is used for the production of BRAND tips and filter tips?

BRAND produces in a cleanroom according to ISO 14644-1 class 8 and 7. For special purposes a class 5 cleanroom is available.

What is the shelf life of the tips and filter tips?

Disposable BRAND products have a shelf live of 3 years.

Does the lid of the TipBox need to be opened before autoclaving?

No this is not necessary. The new TipBox can be autoclaved at 121°C with the lid closed.

Are BRAND-Tips and filter tips silicone- and latex-free?

Yes, all BRAND tips and filter tips ae free of silicone and latex.

Are the TipBoxes stackable?

Yes, the new TipBoxes are stackable.

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