Transferpette® S single channel pipette, adjustable, with ISO calibration certificate

  • 任何姿势:都可以实现舒适的单手操作
  • 适合所有手型:符合人体工程学的设计
  • 安全:量程锁可防止意外的调节失误

Through normal use in the lab, pipettes are at risk of becoming less accurate and precise over time. Regular maintenance and calibration will ensure the integrity of your data is never in question. By starting with pipettes that come with a ISO 8655-compliant calibration certificate, you can ensure maximum data integrity from day one. You can trust Transferpette S pipettes to give you repeatable, high-quality, and verifiable results.

Environments such as Quality Control, ISO Accredited, and GLP/GMP Laboratories are critically aware of how important it is to have ISO 8655 compliant pipette calibration data to satisfy documentation requirements. Now you can order the same reliable and accurate Transferpette® S pipettes with ISO 8655 calibration certificates and expect to receive the pipette within one to two weeks. Each pipette is calibrated by our ISO 17025 accredited partner, Transcat Pipettes, immediately before shipment in order to maximize working time with your pipettes before your SOP requires recalibration.

For more information about Transcat ISO accreditation, please visit

无论量程大小,您都可借助 Transferpette® S  移液器获得符合人体工程学的高效率操作体验。操作力度小,冲程短,能轻松应对长时间持续移液操作。其设计符合完美的人体工程学,无论右手还是左手,大手型还是小手型,在任何手部姿势下 Transferpette® S 都可以带来舒适握持体验。这款微量移液器实现了真正的单手操作,无需变换握持姿势:调节量程,移液,褪除吸头。

在戴手套的情况下,也能轻松操作量程锁,锁定设定量程,防止意外调节失误。为实现快速校准体验,Transferpette® S 采用了易校准技术使得校准工作易如反掌。无需辅助工具即可完成校准。兼容性表格说明了吸头与移液器的匹配关系,方便您找到合适的吸头

Transferpette® S 可变型号,带质量证书,挂架和硅脂
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