The VITLAB® -8 and -12 multi-channel pipettes complete the line of VITLAB® pistonoperated pipettes, and are characterised by their especially user-friendly operation in the manual pipetting of long series. They have all the features of the VITLAB® single-channel micropipettes: robust, completely autoclavable, highly accurate, with simple calibration for lasting reliability, especially for established multi-channel pipette applications, such as immunological assays, dilutions series, or use with cell cultures in microplate format. By using innovative plastic materials, the VITLAB® multichannel pipettes are at the same time very robust and light-weight. To ensure a long operating life, the plastic materials used are corrosion-resistant. The ergonomic finger rest coupled with the low weight contribute to comfortable handling of the pipettes. To provide an optimal and comfortable working position, the manifold can be rotated freely 360° in both directions. The large, central pipetting button provides uniform and smooth movement of the piston. In addition, the short stroke of 12.5 mm reduces the risk of muscular disorders as a consequence of repeated stress, such as “Repetitive Strain Injury Syndrom” (RSI). The combination of the stepped design of the ejector and special rings made of FKM reduce the effort needed for ejecting the tips and thus provide comfortable operation of the pipette. The multichannel pipettes are especially service-friendly for care and maintenance, as well as for calibration. If necessary, e.g. for applications with non-aqueous solutions, the integrated calibration function allows an adjustment without tools directly in the laboratory. Single shafts and seals can be easily removed, and thus can be directly cleaned or replaced. The VITLAB® micropipette -8 and -12 are completely autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar) according to DIN EN 285. Also available with DAkkS calibration certificate.

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