Burettes made of borosilicate glass 3.3, tolerances according to DIN ISO 384 Class B, with high-contrast black markings. Calibrated to deliver ‘Ex’. Automatic zero setting. The burette stopcock turns easily and enables fine titration. The holding device for the riser pipe serves as additional shock-proofing. The patented VITLAB® symbiotic (DE 10 2005 034 963) offers in addition to the impact protection a thermally stable plastic coating of the glass burette tube. This provides additional breaking resistance and acts as a splinter protection. Materials: burette of borosilicate glass 3.3, PP filling tube, PMP/PTFE burette stopcock, and PE-LD reservoir bottle. Types: VITLAB® symbiotic, with Schellbach stripes (blue/white) -> Cat. No. 106599 + 106699 Burette with Schellbach stripes (blue/white), without plastic-coating -> Cat. No. 106399 + 106499 Burette made of brown glass, without Schellbach stripes, without plastic-coating -> 106799 + 106899

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